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I’m Adé. My husband, Tom, and I run The Handcraft Company. We are excited to have you on our website.

The concept of The Handcraft Company started long ago when I was looking for body and hair products that wouldn’t irritate my skin. It was a long and distressing journey for me as I found out, with money down the drain, that many beauty products out there have artificial ingredients that do ‘no-good’ for our skin. 

Consequently, I did some research of my own and I was determined to start using products that are derived naturally. I noticed the immediate change on my skin and hair. My curls were no longer thirsty or splitting. My skin no longer itchy or dry. 

I also noticed most of these natural products I was using were made everywhere else but my own country, the UK, and they cost more to import.

This is how The Handcraft Company came to be. Our ingredients are 100% natural, sourced in the UK and handmade. We make our products in small batches here in Lancashire. 

Each batch is made with love and attention, using natural ingredients like oils, grains, clays, butters and dried herbs to create skin-loving goodies. We are also determined to reduce our waste so no plastics for us, thank you!

We applaud those who are also starting and creating handmade goodies all around the world, and making them stunningly well too. 

If you love our products or like what you read then follow us on our social medias below. If you are still curious about us, then browse our products and see what takes your fancy – you just might be converted. 

And if you would like to say hello, please contact me here.

Handcrafted with love,


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